Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertising Account Executive Interview Questions

Advertising account executive interview questions are askedto the interview eligible candidates, who are willing to work as an advertisingaccount executive. By interviewing all candidates and recording theireducational qualifications, professional skills and overall work experience, adeserving candidate can be appointed on this job position.

Sample AdvertisingAccount Executive Interview Questions:

  1. Would you like to mention something about your candidature?
  2. Please mention something about your experience.
  3. Why are you seeking to work with our company? What was the reason behind your resignation?
  4. Name the primary job functions of an advertising account executive?
  5. How would you negotiate with the potential clients and agency staff for conducting various advertising campaigns?
  6. What do you understand from managing campaign costs and invoicing the clients?
  7. Discuss your approach of formulating advertising and marketing polices for planning excellent advertising programs.
  8. How would you devise an advertising campaign meeting the budget requirements of a new client?
  9. Have you ever faced a time in your previous organization when you had programmed an advertising campaign that failed due to the lack of resources?
  10. Do you think you can handle more than two clients at a time for two parallel advertising programs?
  11. How do you understand the requirements of the client to plan out an effective advertisement program?
  12. Tell us about your method of pitching and organizing meetings with the important clients.
  13. How do you store the essential information and document the important records for the future references?
  14. Why should we hire you for this post?

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