Saturday, November 26, 2011

Agriculture Sales Manager Interview Questions

Agriculture sales manager interview questions are speciallyoutlined to interview the interested candidate, who is willing to work as anagriculture sales manager. By measuring the professional abilities, workingexperience and educational level, the deserving contender is hired by theconcerned department.

Sample AgricultureSales manager Interview Questions:

  1. Mention something about your professional job experience. Why did you resign from your previous organization?
  2. Tell any five major duties of an agriculture sales manager.
  3. What do you understand from selling agriculture goods? Explain the essential sales techniques to benefit the organization.
  4. How do you rate your selling experience of farming equipments, tools and seeds? Do you think you can employ your beneficial selling strategies to sell out our offered agriculture goods & products?
  5. What approach do you follow to contact the potential customers for selling agriculture goods in a big order?
  6. How do you deal with a client, who is dissatisfied with your method of dealing and is important for the organizations?
  7. Explain your team driven and decision making skills? How do you motivate your sales team for improving productivity and meeting the assigned targets within the deadline?
  8. How do you update, upload and review the old sales records?
  9. How often do you like to attend sales meetings with your subordinates to discuss the various sales policies?
  10. Mention any two monthly and annual agriculture sales reporting formats with the help of an example.
  11. As an agriculture sales manager, what have you learnt from your years of sales experience?
  12. If we select you, when are you available to join our organization?

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