Saturday, November 26, 2011

Agricultural Manager Interview Questions

An agricultural manager is a professional person whogenerally works in ranch or firm. His duties include overseeing everyday’svarious operations of land and making annual budget, managing and recruitingstaff. So to become a successful agricultural manager a person should havestrong understanding of land and agricultural practice. Moreover the candidateshould have good knowledge in human resource, marketing, accountancy andprocurement. So an agricultural manager interview questions should focus onthese aspects.
Sample Agricultural Manager Interview Questions
  1. Do you have any previous experience in this field? If yes then briefly describe about it.
  2. Why do you leave your last job?
  3. What made you interested in this post?
  4. Why should we hire you only for this post? What makes you different than other applicants?
  5. One of the important aspects of your job is to recruit and manage staff. On what basis will you recruit a staff? Do you think that you can handle a large number of staff?
  6. What are the main tasks of an agricultural manager?
  7. What are the main criteria required to become a successful agricultural manager?
  8. Are you satisfied about the pay package we are offering here?
  9. What are your unique skills? How will you utilize those skills in this field?
  10. Have you done any specialization for this post? Do you think that is sufficient for this post?
  11. An agricultural manger has to handle many stresses. Do you think you can be able to handle this? If yes then how would you do that?
  12. Do you have any question about this post and company?

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