Saturday, November 26, 2011

Biologist Interview Questions

A Biologist is the scientist who deals with biological factorsand responsible for producing new processes which would be used by biologicalorganisms in future. They are involved in applied research through which theyproduce new techniques and processes for agriculture, medical and industrialfield. Therefore biologist interview questions should be framed in a way thatit finds out the true worth of a candidate.

Sample BiologistInterview Questions

  1. Tell something about your research work and projects in the field of biology.
  2. While researching which part of biology made you interested and you thought of working on it in future?
  3. Each time when you see yourself as a biologist what new discovery you wanted to make that will create difference in the life of living organisms in near future?
  4. What ideas you have regarding medical field? It is been said that agricultural by-products are sometimes a good ingredient for medicines, so do you have any idea on recent work that is utilizing this concept?
  5. What interest you mostly macroscopic or microscopic world while researching?
  6. As a biological scientist or biologist do you know the implementation of biological scientific models? If needed, can you use them on your research work?
  7. Safety is one of the important parts of any research. What are the safety measures you are aware off which you need to take care while performing any severe research?
  8. How long you are in this field of biological research? What are the skills you have learned in these years?

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