Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertising Copywriter Interview Questions

Advertising copywriter interview questions, as the namesuggests, are used as a potential tool for interviewing the job seekers, whoare willing to work as an advertising copywriter. By assessing the copywritingskills, qualification criteria and overall experience, a candidate can beappointed as an advertising copywriter.

Sample AdvertisingCopywriter Interview Questions:

  1. Tell us about your overall working experience. How do you see your overall success in this field?
  2. Explain the key job duties of an advertising copywriter.
  3. What development concept do you follow to generate the creative ideas for writing the required advertisement programs?
  4. Differentiate between an original copy of content and a copy write of a document. Define the value of timely content.
  5. What do you understand from proof reading? Explain the effective methods to perform a faster proofreading.
  6. Do you think you have the ability to interpret the concepts and approved ideas of advertising schedule for the client?
  7. According to your experience, how does a feedback from a discontented client works to improve the copywriter’s standards of an organization?
  8. Define the meaning of updating digital media. How do you amend and update the stored copy write content on client’s requirement?
  9. Discuss your role in liaising with a client.  Which communication approach do you prefer for a faster completion procedure?
  10. Do you believe in working on more than one project at a time?
  11. How do you rate your skills and knowledge in copy writing and advertisement?
  12. If we hire you today, when are you available to join us?

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