Saturday, November 26, 2011

Agriculture Engineer Interview Questions

An agriculture engineer interview questions should be framedin such a manner so that it tests an individual’s scientific concepts onagriculture and technological creativity for the betterment of the agriculturalworld. An agriculture engineer needs to have very upgraded concepts regardingagro technology and its implementation.
Sample AgricultureEngineer Interview Questions
  1. Tell us something about your field of study.
  2. Why did you choose such an unconventional career, was it your interest in agriculture or just an attempt to try something unusual?
  3. Give us some details of your academic qualification.
  4. What kind of job or service did you thought of doing prior to applying for this post?
  5. What makes your curriculum vitae unique from all the other engineer applicants? And why should we choose you for this job despite of other candidates who has equal skills like you?
  6. What idea do you have regarding field pesticidology, grafting, budding and re genesis?
  7. Do you think cross breeding crops are useful or they degrade the quality of a breed and hence the entire crop production suffers?
  8. What are your expectations regarding the pay packet from us?
  9. How do you think you as a human resource will be beneficial to our organization? What is the extra edge that you will give the company?
  10. What is the basic principle of field and soil management in a country whose population is more than the production?
  11. What do you think is the future of agriculture engineering provided it is being accessible to the mass at large?

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