Saturday, November 26, 2011

Agriculture Interview Questions

Agriculture interview questions arebasically designed to test the knowledge and primary concepts of a candidatewho has applied for a job in some company which performs work on agricultureand other areas directly linked to this field of work. Such questions mayexplore the ideas possessed by an individual on crops and the season they grow,factors that influence their development, various tools and techniques used forthe same, concept of fertilizers and pesticides and the idea of their effectsand controlled use, etc.
Agriculture interview questions areimportant determiners as they test an important section of study. Agricultureis a very sensitive field of work as it has direct impact on the augmentationof crops, be it food or cash and commercial ones, which in turn affect profitsof a company or even the government. Hence a single error or wrong practicewill bring about heavy losses for the concerned authority, for which it isimportant that the agriculture interview questions test the candidates’in-depth knowledge and practical ideas in this aspect. A few things to be notedare:
  • Agriculture interview questions should not only test the education and training acquired in this field, but also the ease with which the candidate can effectively implement his/ her ideas for the benefit of all.
  • These questions should pay special stress on the knowledge of environment-friendly ideas and uses of agriculture.
  • Agriculture interview questions should also bring out the candidate’s ideas on the development of economic practices and also the improvement of the state of farmers and other agriculture practitioners.
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