Saturday, November 26, 2011

Farm Manager Interview Questions

Farm manager interview questions are widely used to screenan individual, who is seeking to serve as a farm manager. By asking questions,educational criteria, professional attitude and knowledge of various farmingtechniques & procedures can be estimated for appointing the deservingcandidate.

Sample Farm ManagerInterview Questions:

  1. Discuss your professional skills as a farm manager. Explain logically, why do you want to join our farm?
  2. As a farm manager, what are your ethical job duties and responsibilities?
  3. Explain your harvesting agenda, method of drawing up plantation activities and coordinating with subordinates.
  4. What do you understand from livestock? How do you oversee the selling of farming plants, harvests and purchasing of farming products?
  5. Discuss the production technique do you prefer over other methods. According to you, which production technique is profitable in the summer weather?
  6. How do you inspect the farming components, equipments and machinery, etc?
  7. Are you aware about the farmer contracts? Explain the main attributes of a farmer contract.
  8. How do you determine the marketing conditions before selling a particular crop?
  9. Explain the various farming management practices widely used in the routine farming life.
  10. Discuss your method of planning & determining the maturity dates of the crops effective for obtaining good profit.
  11. Define the terms:  recordkeeping, harvesting grading, payroll, chemical application and irrigation.
  12. Tell us something about your management and decision making skills? How would you control the overall working procedure of a farm house?
  13. How do you manage the routine procedure to meet your targets? Discuss your technique of assigning tasks to the farm employees.

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