Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertising Planner Interview Questions

Advertising planner interview questions are specificallyoutlined questions asked by the concerned department to the interested jobseekers, who are willing to work as an advertising planner. After assessing theeducation criteria, professional attitude and working experience, a deservingcandidate is appointed for this job position.

Sample AdvertisingPlanner Interview Questions:

  1. Walk us through your candidature. Why are you interested in working with our company?
  2. Give a reason for leaving your previous job.
  3. What are the major job functions of an advertising planner? Tell any three job responsibilities you think play an essential role in working as an advertising planner.
  4. How do you locate the current condition of the brand in the market? What key factors are required to strengthen the position of the brand in the market?
  5. Discuss your role in advertising research and programming. How do you co-operate with the other departments for collecting the sufficient data for planning?
  6. Name the strategic objectives, which are considered seriously for planning a successful ad campaign.
  7. Tell us any three widely used media trends for planning the budget of a particular promotional program.
  8. How do you deal with the company stake holders and clients for getting approval on a particular project’s budget?
  9. What do you understand from a target audience? How many types of advertising procedures are available in the media industry?
  10. Do you think the edge cutting technology and advertising innovations play an essential role in demonstrating the exact product requirement to the online consumers?
  11. Why should we consider you over the other job seekers for this designation?

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