Saturday, November 26, 2011

Landscape Architect Interview Questions

Landscape architect interview questions are widely asked tothe contenders, who are willing to sit for the landscape architect interview.By measuring the educational level, professional skills and knowledge ofhandling diverse landscaping procedures, a deserving contender can beappointed.

Sample Landscapearchitect Interview Questions:

  1. Tell us something about your job duties in your previous organization.
  2. How many landscape architect projects have you handled in your career?
  3. Discuss the various design and procedures available to prepare the landscape architect patterns.
  4. Name the necessary official provisions and professional codes to be employed to commence any landscaping architect project?
  5. Why does the location of structures, drainage system and environment impact report play a vital role in the implementation of a successful landscape architecture?
  6. How do you observe the weakness associated with an architecture project?
  7. Discuss your work strategy to plan and record the growth of a particular landscaping project.
  8. How do you plan your routine job duty schedule by selecting priority works? Do you think you can deliver quality work under extreme job pressure?
  9. How do you update and upload the routine changes and communication graph shelves?
  10. Explain your method of estimating the cost of land development and drawing structures such as roads, parks & buildings.
  11. Mention the type of problems you generally face during landscaping architect schedules.
  12. Name the factors play a vital role in the success of a landscape architect project.
  13. How do you deal with the potential clients to understand their major project requirements before undertaking an architect project?
  14. If we select you, when are you available to work with us?

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