Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greens Keeper Interview Questions

Greens keeper interview questions are asked to theinterested individuals to appoint the deserving candidate for the job positionof a greens keeper. By evaluating education skills, professional experience andworking abilities, a proficient greens keeper can be selected.

Sample Greens KeeperInterview Questions:

  1. Tell us something about your professional experience.
  2. As a greens keeper, discuss about your achievements. Why did you leave you previous organization?
  3. Mention any three major job duties of a greens keeper.
  4. As a green keeper, what is your motive to serve the concerned organization?
  5. According to you, what is your best professional quality would make you successful in this field?
  6. What do you understand from fertilization, mowing and seeding? Explain each with the help of an example.
  7. Explain the technique you know for accomplishing successful fertilization. How do mowing and seeding different from each other?
  8. Name any three widely used dust solutions for the garden nursery.
  9. How do you make out that the plant nursery requires pesticide to grow properly?
  10. What spray technique do you prefer for better plant nursery growth?
  11. How do you decide the priority work out of your routine job duties?
  12. Name any three powerful insect killers you prefer over other pesticides.
  13. How do you rate your ability to perform designer cut exercises in the garden?
  14. Distinguish between fungicide and insecticide. Name the soil traits must be considered before cultivating plants.
  15. How do you manage your routine schedule of overseeing and observing garden nursery?
  16. Discuss the major greenery factors would you like to observe in garden nursery before recommending any insect killer?
  17. If we select you, when can you start working with us?

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