Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertising Art Director Interview Questions

Advertising art director interview questions are asked tothe interested candidates, who are seeking to work as an advertising artdirector in an organization. After evaluating the knowledge regardingadvertisement, professional experience and educational qualifications, ashortlisted candidate is appointed.

Sample Advertising ArtDirector Interview Questions:

  1. Mention something about your professional background. How do you see the strengths and weaknesses of your candidature?
  2. Mention any five key responsibilities of an advertising art director.
  3. How do you rate your artistic and creative skills as an advertising art director?
  4. Which approach do you follow to meet the finance management team of a client for discussing the advertisement budget of a particular advertisement camp?
  5. How do you produce sketches, scamps and storyboards to meet the client and for discussing the creative ideas?
  6. What method do you opt for commissioning the photographers, and film- makers while working with diverse and important projects?
  7. Do you have knowledge of planning different shots and short listing the locations for the same?
  8. Name the advertising art concepts and unique ideas suggested by you.
  9. Have you ever encountered with a situation, where one of your potential clients disagreed with you due to some advertisement procedure? How did you manage such a situation?
  10. According to your experience, which is the best method to hit the right audience in the market by implying the most effective ideas on projects?
  11. Tell us something about your coordination with the creative director.
  12. Ifwe appoint you for this job position, when can you join us?

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