Saturday, November 26, 2011

Agronomist Interview Questions

Agronomist interview questions are specially framedquestions used to screen the interested candidates, who are willing to work asan agronomist. By evaluating the previous work experience, professional skillsand educational qualification, a finalist candidate is selected for this jobposition.

Sample AgronomistInterview Questions:

  1. Tell us about your previous working experience. Why are you interested in this job?
  2. Describe the job duties of an agronomist.
  3. Define the eco- friendly soil methods to improve the production of seasonal crops.
  4. Explain the terms: tillage, breeding, crop rotation and disease control? How are these different from one another?
  5. What do you understand from green revolution and orphan crops? Explain with an example.
  6. Define genetically modified food. Explain any two techniques that work behind this food processing method.
  7. Name the environmental issues associated with genetically modified food.
  8. How can you improve the prosecution of vegetables, pasture, turf and cover crops? Explain any three methods?
  9. Distinguish between furrow and overhead irrigation?
  10. Explain bee pollination. How does it help improvise the value of fruits, vegetables, almonds and berries?
  11. How many techniques of disease resistance are available? Discuss any three with help of an example.
  12. Explain drip irrigation. Discuss its benefits.
  13. According to your experience, name the cold weather symptoms which enhance the production of harmful bugs in the harvests.
  14. How does change in climate sometimes help in better harvesting?
  15. What is your stress management method? How do you plan your routine working schedule to meet per day targets?
  16. If we hired you, when can you join us?

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