Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertising Executive Interview Questions

Advertising executive interview questions are outlined bythe experts, which are asked to the interested candidates willing to sit forthe interview session of advertising executive. After assessing the workexperience, knowledge of handling diverse advertising activities andprofessional attitude, a shortlisted candidate can be hired as an advertisingexecutive.

Sample AdvertisingExecutive Interview Questions:

  1. Walk us through your resume. Why did you leave the previous job?
  2. Why are you willing to work with us?
  3. What are the major job duties of an advertising executive?
  4. Why does communication plays a vital role for making an advertisement campaign successful?
  5. What do you understand from a prospective customer? What strategy do you follow to advertise the company products to these customers?
  6. Do you have good knowledge of conducting promotional activities and planning an ad program?
  7. Define online promotional campaign. Name any three types of online ad programs.
  8. How do you rate you creative and designing skills?
  9. What approach do you follow to save the essential records and reports? How do you update the data for the same?
  10. Tell us about a time when you planned the whole advertisement program at a large scale, but it ended up with poor results. How did you manage this critical situation?
  11. Discuss your role in copying, scrutinizing and editing the promotional material.
  12. Do you think, you can coordinate in a team of ten people? With what type of people do you feel uncomfortable in working with?
  13. When can you join us? What are your salary expectations?

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