Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advertising Agency Account Executive Interview Questions

Advertising agency account executive interview questions area programmed set of questions used by a concerned department to conduct aninterview session with eligible job seekers. After completing the interviewsession and gathering the essential data about educational background,professional skills and expertise, a candidate is appointed as an advertisingagency account executive.

Sample AdvertisingAgency Account Executive Interview Questions:

  1. Please tell us about your candidature. Mention something about your experience.
  2. Why did you resign from your previous company, especially when you were enjoying good employment benefits?
  3. What are the major job duties of an advertising agency account executive?
  4. To handle a specific advertising sales project, how do you identify the project requirements of a potential client?
  5. What communication source do you prefer to discuss the essential attributes of a project with your clients?
  6. Tell us something about your communication & interpersonal skills.
  7. Do you think you work as a bridge between the potential clientele and the company?
  8. What type of weekly meetings and report you need to attend & prepare for fulfilling your job targets?
  9. Discuss your role in preparing advertising budget and suggesting & implementing the creative ideas for conducting a beneficial advertising camp?
  10. How do you prepare the layouts and concepts of certain advertisement programs?
  11. Tell us about your ability of accomplishing monthly targets, especially when you are working under tight deadlines?
  12. How do you update the record shelves and keep the secret client data out of reach of unauthorized people?
  13. Are you ready to work with us on the offered salary?

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