Monday, July 16, 2012

LAN Administrator Interview Questions

A LAN administrator has the responsibility of controlling the local network of an area and keeping a vigil on the reasonable use of limits. A LAN administrator should have sound knowledge on network, communication and basic connections. Therefore LAN administrator interview questions should focus on these points in order to find out the suitable candidate.

Sample LAN Administrator Interview Questions

  1. What knowledge of digital electronics and communication do you have which are extremely essential for this job?
  2. Tell us something about your previous work experience.
  3. Why did you plan to shift job at this point of your career when stabilisation is required?
  4. Tell at least one instance where you have perfectly accomplished the role of a LAN administrator in the time of crisis.
  5. What policy will you apply for this work first- will you run the system and find loop holes or would you do it the other way round?
  6. Tell us something other than your resume points which would technically benefit us.
  7. Why should we consider particularly you for this responsible post where the function of entire network and its integrities will be depending upon you?
  8. What knowledge of communication and network placement do you have as it is the most important part of LAN administration?
  9. We say LAN is essential but some people say WAN is more essential than LAN, what is your take on it?
  10. Are you happy with the pay packet we are offering?
  11. Will you need to serve any notice period in your previous organisation if selected for this job profile?

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