Monday, July 16, 2012

Common Sales Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us something about your resume
  2. Do you have experience in a monthly sales target oriented job?
  3. Have you worked before in a team? How was the experience?
  4. According to what you have studied about sales, what are the 4 major symptoms of a potential customer?
  5. How do you make sure the customer has sound financial stability?
  6. This sales job will require frequent long distance travel. Do you have any reservations about it?
  7. What are you salary and incentives expectations from this job?
  8. Tell one instance from your previous job where you single handedly achieved a major sales target.
  9. Which major product launch were you ever been involved with?
  10. What was your role and how did you achieve the tasks of the role assigned to you in your previous job?
  11. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  12. What would you prefer – fixed salary or target based salary?

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