Monday, July 16, 2012

Construction Estimator Interview Questions

Construction estimator interview questions are specially programmed by the professionals to interview the interested candidates, who are willing to work as a construction estimator. By reviewing the previous experience, judging the professional attitude and educational qualifications, a deserving contender can be appointed by the concerned department.

Sample Construction Estimator Interview Questions:

  • Tell us the strengths of your candidature. How do you see your weaknesses?
  • What was the reason after resigning from your previous construction company?
  • Name the key functions of a construction estimator?
  • How many construction reports do you prepare regularly, weekly and monthly? Name the report and explain the common attributes.
  • What is your approach to measure the possible resources for making a project more successful?
  • How do you estimate the construction cost and suggest the effective alternates to utilize resources by reducing the costs?
  • Define a construction budget. Name the construction documents require to prepare the budget?
  • How do you explain the project schedules and project summary to the construction department?
  • Define the method of preparing a final report by gathering essential data, analyzing the construction documents and summarizing the important facts.
  • Distinguish between the quality control plans and SWPP plans. What do you understand by a special work plan?
  • Explain the steps to prepare safety plans. Name the safety tools do you include in the safety plan.
  • How do you implement the changes in a construction plan? What technique do you follow to measure the site requirements?
  • Explain the meaning of identifying and projecting the costs of construction tools and equipments.

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