Monday, July 16, 2012

Information Analyst Interview Questions

An information analyst is integral to the growth and progress of a company. Information analyst interview questions must focus on how diligently the candidate is able to research, record and analyze data to observe market trends as well as to pinpoint flaws in the existing systems in place in order to better the company’s prospects.

Sample Information Analyst Interview Questions

  1. Give a brief outline of your academic career till date. How solid is your basic foundation in mathematics, statistics or information technology?
  2. How comfortable are you with the technical aspects of your job? Do you keep yourself updated with the latest developments in this field?
  3. How much of a team player would you consider yourself? What is your opinion on the necessity of teamwork in this profession?
  4. How proficient are you in the use of analysis software? What do you think is the importance of an information analyst in the growth of a company?
  5. Why do you think it is essential that the results of information analysis may be replicated? Give examples of different types of information analysis that are in vogue at present.
  6. Are you satisfied with your basic pay? What are your suggestions as far as perks are concerned?
  7. What would you consider your area of interest within this field? Is there any specific branch of information analysis that you would like to be associated with?
  8. What is your knowledge of the different software’s that are currently used for information analysis? How would you handle technical glitches that are inevitable part of this job?

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