Monday, July 16, 2012

Common Interview Questions

Whatever be the kind of interview you attend, some questions can be termed as common interview questions.  Most types of interviews include atleast some of these questions.  Before setting off for any job interview it helps to prepare these questions as they can make your path to success smoother.
Common interview questions include some warm-up questions which act as ice-breakers.  These are generally about the potential candidates themselves, like “Tell us more about yourself” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” etc.  These questions are personality-based and are used to test what kind of a candidate the potential employee is.

Behavioral questions are increasingly used in most interviews to gauge the employees, as they have been found to greatly help in the successful selection of employees.

Questions based on qualifications and training and related work experiences are other most likely questions you would be faced with.  Hypothetical questions and stress questions are designed to test your ability to handle situations and your capability of handling stress.

While preparing for common interview questions, make sure to rehearse your answers well.  It is best to write them down and go over them in mock-interview sessions.

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