Monday, July 16, 2012

Construction Safety Specialist Interview Questions

Construction safety specialist interview questions work as an effective method to interview the individuals for appointing the best contender. Such a set of interview questions help the concerned department to evaluate the educational qualifications, professional abilities and experience of working in a construction company of all contenders.

Sample Construction Safety Specialist Interview Questions:

  • Please tell me about your work experience and prior job duties.
  • Explain the main job duties and responsibilities of a construction safety specialist?
  • What do you understand by the construction safety? Distinguish between on –site construction safety and occupational safety provisions.
  • Name the essential safety arrangements a construction site must be equipped with. What are legal norms passed against the unsafe construction sites?
  • How do you educate the on- site construction workers and officials about the safety measures?
  • Have you ever faced a time when some serious accident happened to some worker due to the lack of safety procedures? How did you handle such a panic situation?
  • Do you think installing first aid kits is sufficient for the safety of workers?
  • How many safety reports do you prepare quarterly and annually? How these reports are useful to a construction company?
  • If some new safety standards are introduced and you are insisting to install them, but your employer is not interested. How would you convince him to allow you for the same?
  • Can you prepare and demonstrate the safety standard presentations?
  • How do you review and update the safety standards? Name any three anti- accidental strategies do you prefer the most as safety measures?
  • What are your salary expectations?

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