Monday, July 16, 2012

Architect Interview Questions

An architect interview questions are those questions asked to an individual applying for the position of an architect. An architect is in charge of designing houses, buildings or any construction site. The questions should be structured in such a way so the designing skill of the person can be analyzed. There should also be questions regarding the work experience of the individual as it is very important the projects in which the architect has worked in.

Sample architect interview questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. What interests you in the field of architecture?
  3. What is your total work experience of working as architecture?
  4. Please elaborate the projects on which you have worked in the past?
  5. Have you designed any construction site all by yourself?
  6. How confident are you of your architectural skills?
  7. You have done your architectural course from a premier college. Do you think it would have made any difference if you had done your course from a lesser known institute?
  8. According to you which construction site in our country is the best architectural site?
  9. According to you which construction site in the world is the best architectural site?
  10. Have you ever lead a team in a project?
  11. What makes you join our organization?
  12. What do you prefer to do in your leisure time?
  13. What is the pay package that you are expecting?
  14. In how many days can you join us? Is there any notice period that you need to serve?

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