Monday, July 16, 2012

Data Analyst Interview Questions

The data analysts’ job description often includes validating, cleaning, importing, transforming or modelling information with the intention of understanding or making inferences from the information for judgment making purposes. Data analyst interview questions help to bring out the true worth of a candidate and tests his abilities to the fullest.

Sample Data Analyst Interview Questions

  1. Why did you apply for this job above all other offers available?
  2. What was the cause for giving up the last job that you had?
  3. Have you ever solved a problem by mapping as well as tracing informational data from one system to another?
  4. What sort of salary are you expecting from this job?
  5. In which domains have you worked so far and what has been your most challenging domain?
  6. Cite an example of an extremely challenging situation that you have faced and overcame in your past job.
  7. How have you analyzed and mined business information to identify prototypes and associations among a variety of data points in the past?
  8. How well have you performed statistical analysis of corporate data in the past?
  9. How do you document the types of business information? Tell if you have any method of your own.
  10. How in the past have you designed and made data accounts and reporting devices to lend a hand to business administrative in their choices?
  11. What sort of an experience do you possess in this field?  How would you utilize your experiences of past in this job?

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