Monday, July 16, 2012

Contractor Interview Questions

A contractor interview questions are those questions asked to an individual appearing for an interview for the position of a contractor. The contractor is an individual to takes the contract for a construction project and supervises the work of construction and also in charge of the budget of the project. The interview questions should help to analyze the overall skills sets of the individual appearing for this job profile.

Sample Contractor Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Hoe many years of work experience do you have in the field of construction?
  3. What is your total work experience in the position of a contractor?
  4. In the job of a contractor it is very important to finish the project on time. How good do you feel are in meeting deadlines?
  5. Integrity is an aspect in the job of a contractor as you will be in charge of all the money spent for the construction project. Have ever faced any integrity issue in any of your projects? If yes, what was the issue all about?
  6. According to you what are the most essential qualities that are needed to work in the job profile of a contractor?
  7. Being a contractor you will lead a team to complete the work. How good do you think are your leadership skills?
  8. Did you ever have any sort of issue with any of the workers? If yes, how did you manage to solve the issue?
  9. In which project of yours, do you think you had the best working experience and why do you think so?
  10. When can you join us?

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