Monday, July 16, 2012

Construction Site Engineer Interview Questions

A construction site engineer interview questions are those questions asked to an individual appearing for an interview for the position of a construction site engineer. A construction site engineer is also known as a civil engineer who looks into the technical aspect of a construction project. It is necessary that the questions should be structured in such a way so that the individuals’ knowledge in the field of construction can be analyzed.

Sample construction site engineer interview questions

  1. Please run us through your resume?
  2. In which year did you pass out your engineering?
  3. What is your total work experience as a construction site engineer?
  4. What do you understand about the job responsibilities of a construction site engineer?
  5. Do you think that the course you had in your engineering college has helped you in your practical field?
  6. What according to you are the materials required in the construction of a building?
  7. Suppose a building has to be constructed on an area of four thousand square feet, how many floors can the building have?
  8. How can a building be constructed so that it does not falls down whenever there is an earthquake?
  9. What are the projects in which you have worked as construction site engineer?
  10. What do you think are your strong points?
  11. Please let us know something about yourself which is not there in your resume?
  12. If selected, in how many days can you join our organization?
  13. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?

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