Monday, July 16, 2012

Common Interview Questions for Management Positions

  1. Tell us briefly about your experience in various capacities in management positions.
  2. Among these which profile you found to be the best suited for you and why?
  3. Enumerate the intricacies a manager has to keep in mind while delivering his duties.
  4. Give us an instance where you solved one of the most intricate issues involved with the management of the establishment?
  5. How would you define a job wonderfully accomplished by you?
  6. Give a typical instance where you think your previous experience in similar circumstances helped you to sort out a management issue.
  7. If your academic credentials are to be believed, you seemed to have excelled well in fine arts. Why such a dramatic change while choosing the career option?
  8. How much is the salary that you expect from this job?
  9. How do you plan to sort out the managerial issues?
  10. Do you have anything else to add?

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