Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tips for good telephonic interview

With the advancement in technology even the mode of interview hastransformed a lot over a period of time. It has become a common feature formany organizations to conduct a telephonic interview to filter the number ofcandidates that will be called for a personal interview. Thus being preparedfor a personal interview is equally important. Given below are some good telephonicinterview tips that will help you to perform well in an interview even on aphone.
Things to remember in a Telephonic Interview
1)   Always keep your resume handy to provide information onpoints that the interviewer may ask.
2)   Move to a place that is quite and calm and where you will notbe distracted by kids, pets, television, stereo etc.
3)   Do not take a telephonic interview while drinking beveragesor chewing gum, smoking etc as you will not be able to pay complete attentionto the opposite person.
4)   Speak in a slow and clear manner that the person on the otherside of the phone is able to comprehend.
5)   You can keep a glass of water handy just in case your mouthgoes dry and sip it when the interviewer is speaking.
6)   Try to have a smiling tone as an interviewer can make outyour pleasing tone when you speak.
7)   Try to give answers that are short but relevant. Don’t try tobe too dreggy about things that you are speaking about.
8)   Do not try to interrupt the interviewer when he is speaking.Instead wait for him to complete and then ask whatever you wish to know.
9)   As soon as the interview is completed ensure to ask for anappointment to come over and meet personally.
10) Finally remember to thank the interviewer for considering calling youfor a telephonic interview.

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