Sunday, November 20, 2011

Does Personal Attitude And Behaviour Affect Your Interview

It is said that your personality and your mind are more at test during aninterview than your knowledge and skills. This line is quite true in thecurrent scenario where interviewers test a person’s nerve and behaviour ratherthan only the kind of qualifications he has. If it was all about qualificationsand degrees, then a CV would have been enough to know about the candidate’sknowledge attributes.

Personal attitude and behaviour poses a huge affect on an interview. Themore the positive attitude and outlook, the better the chance will be to dowell at any interview. In the case where a person goes with a negative mind andattitude to sit for an interview, it is mostly seen that recruiters sense anair of negativity and tend to reject the candidate. This is because theattitude is defensive and thus a lot of effort is being put into provingoneself. On the other hand, a person with self confidence and belief is morelikely to make it through the interview as the major thing that the recruitersare looking for is a strong sense of confidence.

Same is the case with behaviour symptoms. Sometimes, rude and arrogantbehaviour can lead to failure at making through an interview. This is becausearrogance or over confidence can leave a wrong impression on the interviewer.At the same time, polite behaviour and friendly disposition will always make apositive impact on the one sitting across the table at an interview. One mustalways keep in mind that confidence is necessary and important whereasoverconfidence is always dangerous. An air of superiority is not expected fromthe candidate sitting for an interview. Candidates who treat the recruiterswith respect are always given a better result than those who are rude and areundisciplined.

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