Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Tips To Have A Great Interview

An interview of a candidate provides a platform to the employer to determinewhether he/she is qualified to do the job, rightly motivated and fits for theapplied post or not. Though many candidates appearing for the interview arecapable of the applied post but fail due to lack of tips and information on facingthe interview.

Here are 10 tips to make yourinterview a great success:-

  1. Greet the interviewer:-
    1. Check his name on the front desk
    2. Be clear about the pronunciation of interviewer’s name.
  2. Be prepared for general questions:-
    1. Knowledge about the organization
    2. Candidate strengths and weaknesses
    3. Capability of working under pressure
  3. Have self confidence
    1. Walk properly and in straight posture
    2. Sitting posture should be erect.
    3. participating in group discussions show your level of self confidence
  4. Prove your worth:-
    1. Show how you’ll be important in the functioning of the organization.
    2. Emphasis on your ability to perform the given task
  5. Credit worthiness:-
    1. Prove how you can achieve the required targets.
    2. Stress on your achievements.
  6. Dressing up :-
    1. wear neat and crisp clothes
    2. pay attention to the required accessories
    3. Play safe with color combinations.
  7. Focus on Voice Clarity :-
    1. Master English language
    2. Develop command on your language
    3. Focus on your word pronunciation
  8. Speech:-
    1. Practice your speech in front of your family and friends first.
    2. Highlight main points of your speech
    3. Keep in mind the audience you are referring to
  9. Be truthful:-
    1. People generally make mistake of lying to the interviewer
    2. Always keep in mind that they are an expert in this field.
  10. Note of thanks:-
    1. After a day or two always send a note of thanks to the employer

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