Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Tips for promotion interview

A promotion interview is one that is conducted by an employer for whom anemployee is already working. In fact a promotion interview is more difficultthan a regular interview as the interviewer is acquainted with your strengthsand weaknesses. So preparing for a promotion interview is absolutelyimperative. Make sure to follow the below mentioned 10 terrific promotioninterview tips and you will get through for sure:-

1)   Dress Formally – Dressing up professionally leaves a goodimpression and shows your seriousness about the job you are being interviewedfor.
2)   Prepare Well – It is necessary that you prepare for theinterview knowing about the kinds of expectations the job has for you.
3)   Improve skills – As the company you are working for alreadyknows about your weaknesses try to work on them and give assurance to lowerthem in the required job position.
4)   Be confident – You need to present a confident personalityaccording to the demands of the position.
5)   Rehearse Well – You should have a rehearsal session beforethe actual interview it will ensure that you will not fumble.
6)  Highlight Strengths – You should make a note of all yourstrengths as you need to assure the employer that you deserve the promotion.
7)  Reasons for being selected  – The promotion interviewbasically tries to assess how you can add value to the position and assure theinterviewer that you deserve this promotion.
8)  Being prepared for not being selected – The interviewer mayask you to tell how you feel if you are not selected for promotion and youshould be prepared to answer this question.
9)  Salary Hike – One of the commonest promotion interviewquestions is about the salary hike you expect after the promotion and youshould do your homework well on this aspect.
10) General Knowledge – Last but not the least you need to know somegeneral facts that correlate to your company.

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