Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 best tips to impress interviewers

Even the best accomplished candidates tend to fumble in some interviews. Thereason being over confident about attending the interview and not preparingwell for it in advance. There are some excellent tips that can help anyone facean interview in a more confident and organized manner. Some of the tips areenumerated as under:-
1)   Get to know as much information as possible about the companyto show the interviewer that you take interest in the company.
2)   Do some research to find out if any recent changes in laws bythe government have a bearing on the company you are going for an interview. Itshows you general knowledge and also comprehension of company goals and themarket.
3) You need to know the job role that the company expects and explainhow you fit into it.
4)   As it is said “First Impression is the Best Impression”,ensure to present yourself well in front of your interviewer.
5)  Attend an interview as if it is going to be the best job youwill ever take up and be formally dressed for the interview.
6)  Try to point out your strengths and weaknesses and how you can add value to theorganization with these.
7)   Prepare yourself to face difficult questions in advance asyou cannot put a blank face in front of the interviewer.
8)   In case the interviewer is getting too personal, be verypolite but firm in saying that you do not wish to answer that question asinterviewer need not know how good you are at the personal level rather heshould be interested in how you fare well in your job.
9)   Ensure to ask the interviewer anything that you want to knowabout the prospects of the company and your growth along with it.
10) Lastly you can close the interview with a positive note asking aboutwhen you can contact them for getting the result of the interview. This leavesa very confident impression and the interviewer cannot refuse to select you asa fitting candidate for the job.

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