Saturday, November 19, 2011

What to ask an interviewer in an interview

The applicant is given the opportunity to ask any questions at the completionof the interview. The candidate must prepare some thoughtful questions prior toattending the interview. He must gather some information about the company andits competitors well in advance. The questions asked from the interviewer mustbe relevant to the job profile, no unnecessary questions must be asked from theinterviewee to waste his time. The applicant has to be attentive so that hedoes not ask any such questions which he can get the answers from the websiteof the company, brochures, job description or from any of his friends workingin that company. Couple of such questions which an applicant may ask from theinterviewer is mentioned below:
  • What kind of job related training would be given to assist me enhancing my capabilities and efficiency required to do this job?
  • Do I need to go and attend that training in any institute or would it be in-house training?
  • Is there anything you wish me to study or work upon before I joined for this job?
  • What is the expansion plan of this company and how do we plan to beat the market competition?
  • Who would be the person I would be reporting in the organization?
  • When can I expect a call regarding my selection or should I call you back after 15 days to know the result of the hiring process?
  • Which would be the key factors on which the evaluation process is based?
  • Is there anything else which I need to know before joining for this profile or is there any responsibility of this profile which is not mentioned in the job description?
  • What would be the salary hike which I can expect in this profile?
  • What are the major goals the organization aim to reach in nest 10 years?

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