Sunday, November 20, 2011

What to answer for your weakness in your interview

Interview is certainly a nerve breaking activity for even the most seasonedpersons. No matter how much you are prepared and confident there are situationsthat can put you in a tight spot in front of the interviewer. One such questionis when you are asked to tell about your weaknesses and how you will handlethem. If you are a person who would say “I have no weaknesses” then you can besure to not get selected for this job. Everyone knows that there are someweaknesses all of us have and when you say you don’t have any you are telling ablatant lie.
So what should you do when you are asked this question. There is nothing toworry as given below are some of the tips that will help you to face thisdifficult interview question :-
1)   Remember to have eye contact with the interviewer and do notshy away as you will make the interviewer understand that you are trying tohide something and about to lie.
2)   Next is to face the interviewer confidently as there isnothing wrong in having some weaknesses as all of us have it and even theinterviewer has some.
3)   One should remember to be honest and bold when talking aboutones weaknesses.
4)   One should list out their weaknesses in such a way that theyseem positive to the interviewer. For example saying that you are aperfectionist but then raising the positive ness in it to say that it will helpthe organization you will join in organizing work better.
5)   Lastly on the whole when you list out your weaknesses andpresent yourself to the interviewer the overall impression should be that youare fit for the job. Also remember not to mention hopeless weaknesses of yourslike “I am too jealous or short tempered” as your candidature will straightaway be rejected.

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