Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Call Centre Outbound executive Interview Questions

Call centre outbound executive interview questions are outlined to interview the eligible candidates, who are willing to work in an outbound call centre on the offered job position. By evaluating overall experience, education qualification and knowledge of diverse call centre procedures, a deserving contender can be hired.

Sample Call Centre Outbound executive Interview Questions:
  1. How do you rate your overall outbound call centre experience? How many years experience do you have in this field?
  2. Tell us something about your problem solving and decision making skills.
  3. Are you aware about the newly introduced outbound call centre techniques and routine procedures?
  4. How do you generally communicate with the customer to take an appointment for discussing the matter and technically issue he is facing?
  5. How many report formats are available for an outbound call centre executive? Explain any two with the field attributes?
  6. What method do you generally follow to save the essential record files and for securing highly sensitive information?
  7. Tell us a situation where you need to guide a potential customer facing some technical product issue and you are not properly aware about that particular point. How did you deal with such a situation?
  8. What is your strategy to sell the products to the customers? Do you like to go according to client’s profile?
  9. Name the call centre outbound software you can access for operating routine procedures?
  10. Did you do a follow up with a customer after assisting him for sorting some issue?
  11. How do you rate the satisfaction level of a customer?
  12. What are your salary expectations?

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