Friday, July 13, 2012

Citizenship Interview Questions

Citizenship interview questions will not make you nervous if you prepare well for them.  Whether it is the US citizenship interview or the Canadian or the UK citizenship interview, generally the stress is on testing your communication skills in English language as well as your knowledge of history and civics of the concerned country.

While preparing for these questions, it is important to learn the facts concerning the country’s history, civics as well as Constitution.  You are not required to be an expert on these subjects but you must have enough knowledge to understand the working of the country’s government.
A working knowledge of English is expected as that is the official language.  So, be prepared to be tested in reading, writing and speaking of the English language.

It is also good to prepare questions related to your background, your education, employment, place and length of stay in the country, your views and feelings about the Constitution of the country and its government.  It will help to prepare mock questions and answers in areas concerning these aspects.
It is imperative to give honest and truthful answers as any lie which is detected even later can deprive you of a chance at citizenship.

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