Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fashion Stylist Interview Questions

Fashion stylist interview questions are widely used for conducting a professional interview session for hiring the deserving candidates as a fashion stylist. After measuring the educational background, judging the overall knowledge of conducting various fashion procedures and inspecting the professional experience of all candidates, a candidate is appointed by the concerned organization.

Sample Fashion Stylist Interview Questions:

  • Mention something about your expertise in the field of fashion? Why do you want to work with our company?
  • Are you satisfied with your professional abilities? How do you rate your interpersonal skills?
  • What are the primary job duties and responsibilities of a fashion stylist?
  • How do you rate your sense of choosing color & style combination for a particular fashion show or a fashion photo shot?
  • Discuss your role in conducting a fashion commercial. How do you work on the script of a fashion advertisement?
  • How do you update yourself with latest fashion trends in the market?
  • What approach do you follow to communicate with the independent coordinator, commercial directors and models?
  • How do you manage the wardrobe, dressing style and outfits of models?
  • According to your experience, what role the print & electronic media play to launch some fashion products successfully?
  • How do you review the rating report of fashion shows and commercials?
  • Name any three monthly fashion reports you have to submit on time for completing your target.
  • What strategy do you follow to advise actors and models your best fashion tips?
  • If we appoint you today, when can you join us?

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