Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creative Director Fashion Interview Questions

Creative director Fashion interview questions are used as an effective tool to interview the candidates for appointing a deserving one as a creative director fashion. By evaluating the overall experience, professional skills and educational qualifications, a candidate is appointed for this designation.

Sample Creative Director Fashion Interview Questions:

  • Please tell us something about your professional experience. Why do you want to work with our firm?
  • As a creative director fashion, what type of job duties and responsibilities have you fulfilled in your previous organization?
  • Why a versatile approach is important to justify the key responsibilities of a fashion creative director?
  • Discuss your role in conducting a fashion photo shoot to launch a new fashion arrival.
  • How do you propose the beneficial changes and give suggestions for making a fashion photo shot successful?
  • How do you measure the demands and demographic details for launching and conducting a fashion show?
  • Name the fashion trends raised by you in your pervious organization.
  • Do you think experimenting with appraisal and fashion accessories is a profitable change for earning high end profits?
  • How do you coordinate with the editorial team for printing the press release and articles for pre- advertisements?
  • Tell us something about your problem management and problem solving skills.
  • How many business meetings do you attend with potential clients and the other departments for completing your routine job targets?
  • What approach do you follow to keep an eye on the working of fashion crew members?
  • If we appoint you today, when can you join us?

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