Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fashion Buyer Interview Questions

Fashion buyer interview questions are a programmed set of questions asked by the interview panel to an interested individual, who is willing to join as a fashion buyer. After assessing the educational background, professional work experience and knowledge of handling different job duties, a candidate is appointed as a fashion buyer.

Sample Fashion buyer interview questions:

  • Please mention something about your professional journey in the field of fashion.
  • What is the biggest weakness of your resume? What are your major achievements as a fashion buyer?
  • Tell us any three key job duties of a fashion buyer.
  • How do you rate your communication and negotiation skills in terms of commencing a beneficial relationship with a potential fashion supplier?
  • How do you understand the fashion demands of a client? Name any three latest fashion trends.
  • Do you have experience of attending fashion shows and conducting fashion exhibitions?
  • What approach do you follow to attend the meetings with the fashion designers and fashion house publications?
  • Explain the steps for organizing fashion seminars.
  • What is your method to attract the attentions of customers towards the latest fashionable accessories and attires?
  • What role electronic and print media play for making a new fashion arrival a big hit?
  • Why customer satisfaction is important for a fashion buyer?
  • Discuss your role with a fashion retailer.
  • How do you record the fashion buyer documents and update them whenever required?
  • Are you comfortable with the official timings of our firm? When can you join us as a fashion buyer?

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