Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fashion Choreographer Interview Questions

Fashion Choreographer Interview questions are the questions that can be asked by panelists who are taking interviews of the applicants who have applied for the recruitment process of fashion choreographer. These questions are useful to test whether the applicants are suitable for the position applied. Through these questions, interviewers will try to understand the attitude and aptitude of the candidates and if they will be able to perform their role effectively.

Sample Fashion Choreographer Interview questions

  • Please take a couple of minutes to talk about your educational background.
  • Why did you choose the profession of a fashion choreographer when you have an excellent record in your academics?
  • What abilities do you possess that can make you a good fashion choreographer?
  • What problems do you face when you teach models your choreography steps?
  • How do you introduce new and innovative steps in your choreography?
  • How do you manage to bring the best skills in every model while also trying to synchronize all of them on stage?
  • How do you manage the situation when the models have issues among themselves for the positions and sequence of appearance on stage?
  • Can you share one of your most memorable experiences?
  • How were your previous shows on fashion events received by the viewers?
  • Have you ever encountered a crisis situation in your work life?
  • What fields other than fashion do you follow or are interested in?
  • What is more important for you – work satisfaction or salary?
  • Did you ever regret taking this career option? If yes, why?
  • If you get an interview call from an international company and from our company, which of them would you choose?

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