Friday, July 13, 2012

US Citizenship Interview Questions

  1. What is your highest qualification?
  2. Give us 3 reasons why should we accord a US citizenship to you?
  3. Since when have you been staying in this country?
  4. Have you ever been awarded a judicial verdict involving offences of moral turpitude?
  5. Can you briefly tell us the difference between a naturalized and non-naturalized US citizenship?
  6. Tell us the national anthem of the country.
  7. What do you know about the historical background about the US national flag?
  8. Which is the national animal of US?
  9. How do you think you can contribute towards the country?
  10. Of late terrorism has taken a toll where you can see home-grown terrorists on the rise. What measures according to you can help in curbing this menace?
  11. Can you tell us what the name of the current US president is?
  12. What is your comment on US being increasingly targeted by the terrorists?
  13. What are the benefits that you will derive if you get the citizenship?

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