Friday, July 13, 2012

Australian Citizenship Interview Questions

To get the Australian citizenship one needs to clear the citizenship interview conducted at the department bureau for citizenship and immigration services and one needs to go with passports and visa, birth certificate and evidence of permanent residency in Australia. For these types of interview, one also needs to carry a passport size photograph which had been signed by an authorized person who has known you for at least a year. The questions asked during the interview are as follows:

Sample Australian Citizenship Interview Questions

  • Give the personal details along with your parents and spouse full name?
  • How long have you been married and how many kids do you have?
  • Have you presented all your personal details along with the documents for the review?
  • What are the responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizens?
  • Can you read write and speak Basic English Language?
  • Some specific questions could be-When did the European settlement of Australia start?
  • What do you understand by Bill?
  • When the Federation of Australia did take place?
  • Do you know as to what is the national floral emblem of Australia?
  • In Australia initially gold was discovered in which state?
  • Which is the second largest state in Australia?
  • From Great Britain in 1788 who was the commander of the First Fleet that arrived in Australia?
  • In Australia what are the consequences of inspiring others to break the Law?
  • What are the state and territory governments are held responsible for in Australia?

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