Thursday, June 21, 2012

Call Centre Supervisor Interview Questions

A call centre supervisor has the responsibility of supervising the entire call centre team activity of any particular organization with his or her profound organizational skills. A call centre supervisor interview questions should primarily focus on testing the managing and control skills, whether the subordinates will abide by him or not and whether the person will be able to motivate others.

Sample Call Centre Supervisor Interview Questions
  1. What do you think is the utility of a call centre supervisor?
  2. Tell us something about your academic background.
  3. How have your previous experience been? Why do you want to change the job and join us?
  4. How will you supervise your sub ordinates who are not convinced with any of your decisions?
  5. What knowledge of the present day market with respect to corporate world and its progression do you have?
  6. Why is a call centre at all necessary for flourishing the business of any country?
  7. What impact does outsourcing have on a call centre?
  8. What basic knowledge of skype, database management, tele-communication do you nurture?
  9. Give us some information on yourself that is not included in your curriculum vitae.
  10. Why did you select this particular company leaving all others available in the business?
  11. Why should we select you and consider your application among the thousand of applicants?
  12. What will be your contribution in the progress of the company in the long run?
  13. Do you have any complaints regarding your pay packet, say do you by any means feel that you are under paid?

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