Thursday, June 21, 2012

Telesales Executive Interview Questions

A telesales job is a good test of an individual’s salesmanship skills. One can reach out to customers directly while keeping the limits of propriety in mind. It is also cost effective and time saving. A telesales executive’s interview questions must assess his salesmanship, his man-management abilities and his knowledge of technological advancements in the field of telesales.

Sample Telesales Executive Interview Questions
  1. Why have you applied for this job? Why do you propose we hire you instead of candidates with far greater experience?
  2. Is this your first experience in the field of telesales? Give a brief outline of your academic career till date.
  3. Are you aware of the negative perception that most people have about the field of telesales? How do you intend to counteract that image?
  4. Briefly describe your technical expertise as this job will involve a sound technical base for handling large databases of customer information. How do you intend on combating inevitable technical glitches?
  5. Describe briefly the differences in telesales procedure when done from home and when done by a company. What is robocalling?
  6. Are you aware of how telesales are used for political purposes and even for seeking donations? Give a few examples of such instances.
  7. Are you satisfied with your pay package and perks? Is there any suggestion you would like to make regarding this?
  8. Do you have any idea of the legal and marketing restrictions on telesales in the various countries? Cite the rules of any one country of your choice.
  9. How effective are you personnel management skills? Elaborate.

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