Thursday, June 21, 2012

Telemarketing Manager Interview Questions

A telemarketing manager must be equipped with outstanding sales ability. Telemarketing is often viewed as an irritant by many due to over-persuasive sales people. This is undesirable as, in its proper use; telemarketing is an easy and effective way of reaching out to customers directly. A telemarketing manager’s interview questions must address these concerns.

Sample Telemarketing Manager Interview Questions
  1. Briefly enumerate your past experience in a position involving salesmanship. Why did you leave your previous job?
  2. Are you aware that telemarketing is often seen as a nuisance? How do you intend to combat these negative perceptions as a telemarketing manager?
  3. Briefly demonstrate your knowledge of the various technological equipment that telemarketing uses like auto dialer and predictive dialer. How do you propose to maintain a comprehensive database that will supply you with the names of past and prospective customers?
  4. On what basis do you plan to choose your customer base? How do you propose to delegate jobs to the interns working under your supervision?
  5. Are you satisfied with your basic pay packet? Apart from the perks already offered, would you like to make any suggestions that you want us to incorporate?
  6. How would you pitch a product to a prospective customer while remaining within the bounds of courtesy? Give a brief demonstration.
  7. Why do you suggest we should hire you among other candidates with greater levels of work experience? What unique quality will you be brining into this job?
  8. Give a brief outline of your academic progress? Where do you see yourself in this field, say five years from now?

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  1. Just give a man a telephone and tell him to call 10 people.
    Observe and take notes :)