Thursday, June 21, 2012

Call Centre Interview Questions

Call centre interview questions can cover a wide array of subjects and aspects to check your suitability for a job.  While some interview questions may focus on the behavioral and personality aspects, others may test your proficiency, work experience and yet others may test your loyalty and commitment to stay on in the organization.

Generally the questions are aimed at testing your oral and written skills, computer knowledge, and customer relationship practices.  Interview questions can also focus on certain basic requirements for a call centre job which include, customer service skills, team work capability, problem solving ability, learning skills, stress handling capability and ability to persuade and convince customers, and most importantly, effective listening and communication skills.

Questions may also test your familiarity of the required software applications, computer knowledge, your proficiency in administrative and customer relationship procedures and principles.  It is good to be prepared to tackle questions on your leadership ability and style and your motivational methods.
While preparing for call centre interview questions remember to keep them short and straight-forward.  Do not hesitate to quote specific examples to bring out your positive aspects and how they have helped you to handle difficult situations.


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