Monday, July 23, 2012

Cognos Interview Questions

A Cognos applicant should be skilled in business intelligence and performance management. He or she should have the requisite skill set as well as the aptitude to face any challenges the interview might throw at him. Cognos interview questions must test the thorough knowledge of Cognos products and his or her idea about the company’s development.

Sample Cognos Interview Questions

  1. What has prompted you to apply in Cognos?
  2. Give a brief outline of your academic background. Would you consider it has having amply equipped you with the necessary skills to ace this interview?
  3. How would you distinguish between content store and content manager? Explain both terms briefly.
  4. Give a succinct outline about some Cognos products like PowerPlay and Noticecast.
  5. Where do you see yourself headed as far as your career is concerned?
  6. What would you consider to be your area of interest or your specialization avenue?
  7. Give a very short account of the development of Cognos from its earliest days?
  8. Have you worked with ReportStudio? How has the experience of working with the various Cognos products been like?
  9. How would you define conditional formatting? How is it normally done?
  10. As far as your job is concerned, how important would you consider team work to be? Are you a team player? Would you reckon that is an important attribute to possess?
  11. How would you differentiate between level span and group span? Define each term and briefly elucidate the salient differences.
  12. What is a repeater object? How does one create it?

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