Monday, July 23, 2012

Data Mart Interview Questions

Data mart interview questions are so constructed that it efficiently judge the database managing ability of the person concerned, his control and sound knowledge on database management in small or large scale.

Sample Data Mart Interview Questions

  1. Throw some light on your skills which is not mentioned on your resume.
  2. Tell us about your previous work experience.
  3. What drew your interest in data base management because for many people it is a monotonous and slow paced job in IT industry?
  4. What is the one thing that gives you an extra mileage over all other applicants eligible for this post?
  5. What idea do you have about data ware houses, smaller accounts of a big enterprise and data storage?
  6. What idea do you have about dependent and independent data mart, which according to you is more preferable and why?
  7. Are you happy with the pay packet we are offering you or you think you deserve something higher, if so feel free to discuss it.
  8. How diligent and efficient are you in the field of data ware house management? Give us an instance to illustrate your answer.
  9. On which department’s data mart are you most comfortable? Do you have any such preferences or you are fine with any of the departments?
  10. What is your dream project on data mart? How it would be beneficial to the entire software industry?
  11. How will you handle the job stress and work overload, technical information overload and situation of deadline failure?
  12. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?

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