Saturday, July 28, 2012

Textile Designer Interview Questions

A textile designer is a person who may be responsible for doing a variety of duties. These people are recruited by fashion houses or furnishing business owners to suggest and create textile designs in accordance with the set of guidelines and objectives of the organization. Textile Designer Interview Questions are aimed at applicants who are sitting for an interview for the post of a textile designer. These questions are framed in such a manner that the recruiters can extract full information which shall be helpful for them to know about the candidate.

Sample Textile Designer Interview Questions:

  • Please give us some information about yourself.
  • How long have you been working as a textile designer?
  • What have you majorly learnt from your previous experience that you would like to bring into this job, if you are selected?
  • What are the qualifications you possess which make you a skilled textile designer?
  • How do you start do create a design?
  • What preparations do you do before starting to working for a new project?
  • Would you like to get involved in production as well few years down the line?
  • What are your expectations from the job as a textile designer?
  • Has any of your textile design won recognition on a national platform?
  • Where do you see yourself 3 years down the line as a textile designer?
  • If given a chance, would you like to start your own label or keep working for companies like us?
  • What are the major textile trends in the market right now?

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