Saturday, July 28, 2012

Web Designer Interview Questions

Web designer interview questions present to you a series of questions that can be handy for a group of panelists who are interviewing candidates for the position of Web designer. The interviewers should test the candidates for their knowledge in various web designing languages, creativity, knowledge of the industry, etc along with educational and work background. These questions gauge the suitability of the candidate for the position.

Sample Web designer interview questions

  • Please tell us something about your academic and previous work experience.
  • What excites you the most – the process of web designing or the end result?
  • Which web programming languages are you expert in?
  • Tell us some differences between XHTML and HTML languages? When do you use each of them?
  • How many times a year should companies keep upgrading their web pages according to you?
  • What are Static web pages and Dynamic web pages?
  • Tell us what do you mean by cell spacing and cell padding?
  • How can you make a web page open in the same browser without opening in a new window? Write the syntax for the difference between the two applications.
  • Can anyone get the source code of any web page?
  • What kind of security measures should be adopted to secure a website from getting corrupted or misused?
  • Is there any built in software that can make web designing process simpler?
  • Is outsourcing the job of website designing a good decision by firms?
  • Name one of the best managed website according to you?

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