Friday, July 27, 2012

SQL Designer Interview Questions

SQL designer interview questions are asked to interview the eligible applicants, who are willing to join as a SQL Designer. By assessing the knowledge & skills, reviewing the previous work experience and knowing the educational qualifications, the best candidate is hired as a SQL designer.

Sample SQL Designer Interview Questions:

  • Would you like to tell us about your vital curriculum? Why do you want to join our company?
  • Are you confident about this job interview?
  • What are the basic job functions of a SQL designer?
  • Please tell us something about your analytical skills and SQL programming knowledge. Do you think you need some training to work with us?
  • How many projects have you designed and developed in SQL in your previous firm?
  • What are the programming applications of SQL to be used during programming a SQL project?
  • Can you develop the technical system documentation using SQL?
  • How do you identify the requirements of a business project?
  • What procedure do you follow to review the code of an existing SQL project?
  • How do you restore the backup and maintain the record shelves of SQL documents for the future reference?
  • What strategy do you use to execute and test a SQL based project? In case if any issue is encountered, how do you troubleshoot such a program?
  • Are you comfortable in working in a team of five programmers? How many meetings do you attend weekly for briefing the project development?
  • Why should we appoint you while we are interviewing more experienced candidates than you?

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